Thursday, June 28, 2007

My One and Only Paris Hilton Post

I'm sick of this creature.


Maybe I'm not sick of Paris Hilton. I've never met the girl. But I am heartily sick of seeing her face everywhere. The insane degree of media coverage leaves me thinking that either the American public has an insatiable need for celebrity minutiae, such that collectively we are absolutely the worst busybodies-without-lives in the history of our species, or the media collectively thinks that we have that need-- which, in a way, is worse.

So that is it. I'm writing to all of these "news" shows and asking them to stop with the Paris coverage. She isn't important. And talking about her is a waste of time. If you are reading this, please help. Send email to all of these shows-- whichever ones you like-- and ask them to knock it off. Ask them for real news. Ask them not to waste our time and congest our consciousness with the most meaningless trivia about a very meaningless person on this planet.

If we do-- all of us-- maybe we can turn our attention to things that are more meaningful. Take your pick, as long as it isn't Paris Hilton.

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