Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Look at the TV: Heroes

HEROES is back on the air, after a long hiatus following a somewhat-wretched (and abbreviated) second season. The two episodes airing this past Monday were "The Second Coming" and "The Butterfly Effect," which essentially showed us (invisotext on):

  • Sylar gets Claire's power, and we see how his power really works at last;
  • Sylar is also Angela Petrelli's son (but who is his father?);
  • Future Peter is a dick and definitely not as smart as he thinks he is (as Mama Petrelli noted);
  • Modern Peter is a shmoe (honest, couldn't he have helped the two people being carjacked and murdered right in front of his eyes?);
  • Nathan finds religion and new job opportunities as he recovers from being shot by Future Peter;
  • Parkman finds a wise black man (oh jeez);
  • HRG finds a way to escape from the Company, along with a dozen "villains," and inexplicably decides that hunting them down is more important than, say, helping his family reestablish their lives;
  • Elle loses a dad and a job on the same day;
  • Angela Petrelli's power is precognitive dreams (though that may not be her only power) and she has a doozy in this one--literally half of the cast is lying dead after the villains (including Adam Monroe and Tracey Strauss) attack;
  • Hiro probably saw the wrong thing in the future (my money is on Ando being the good guy and Hiro being the villain);
  • Hiro has no idea how to handle women;
  • Linderman is dead to everyone but Nathan (WTF?);
  • Tracey Strauss finds that not only is she the spitting image of now-dead cybertease Niki, but she has a super-icing power of her own (my money is on Tracey being a clone or duplicate of some proto-Niki who has not yet been seen)--and it looks like she'll be a villain;
  • Bruce Boxleitner as a sinister NY governor? Gold.

Okay, that's enough for now. What did YOU think?


Anonymous said...

Hey Drew, I jumped on just to check out your HEROES comments. They could do so much more. Talk to you soon! -Glenn

Drew said...

Hey Glenn!
Our enthusiasm for the opening faded a few days later but I thought last night was pretty good. Looking forward to talking about this with you!
later! Drew