Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grading the Comics: Week of May 25, 2009

You're probably dying to know what's on my list this week, right?
Well, the suspense is over. Here's what I'm shopping for tomorrow (New Comics Day is pushed back one by Memorial Day--ah well):

  • AVENGERS INITIATIVE #24 - Humberto Ramos sure draws a mean Typhoid Mary!
  • GREEN LANTERN #41 - I'm guessing it's more Blackest Night, but that's just a guess.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #33 - Probably going to drop this one today. I'm just not feeling it any more.
  • RUNAWAYS 3 #10 - This is Kat's book.
  • SUPERMAN #688 - Oddly enough, this book is working out okay without Superman.
  • TRINITY #52 - And another weekly title comes to an end.
  • WILDCATS #11 - See Justice League of America.
  • X-MEN LEGACY #224 - I think this is the issue wherein we take leave of Professor X, isn't it?

All right, folks, I'll be back with reviews and notes and general snark after I've read 'em. I have a few things to write for SFRevu but I'll try to be good this week.


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