Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ultimate Marvel: ...and that's a wrap!

Just read ULTIMATUM #5 (of 5). This is the biggest blowout of the Ultimate Marvel universe, folks. MAJOR deaths and a shakeup in the status quo that can't be paved over by the Ultimate Beyonder stopping by for Starbucks.

Big. Stuff. Happens.

Won't go into details, just suffice to say that this is a real ending point in where the UM had been.

It's also time I bowed out. Much as I enjoyed the books (mostly) over the years, this is where I say goodbye. It's not that I doubt the next wave of books--one a relaunch, the other two picking up Iron Man and the Avengers--won't be entertaining; it's just that I'm done with this world. Most of my favorite characters are now dead and the ones that are left... well, they're the ones I wasn't watching as much anyway.

I'm sure it'll be a fun ride but I'm stepping off the carousel now.

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