Monday, February 4, 2008


Just... wow.
That last 2:40 minutes had it all. Drama, intensity, the fate of the game hanging on a single throw--I think I didn't take a breath for about a full minute. Might explain why I was a little woozy afterward.
I'm glad the Giants won. Not that I have anything against the Patriots, but the Giants came through a very rough year and the Patriots seemed to be the anointed ones--and who doesn't want to see a game that is 1) exciting and 2) ends in a massive upset? If the Pats had cruised to victory, it would have been another ho-hum game, more remarkable for the commercials than the action on the field.
As for the commercials...

  • I liked the Iron Man trailer a LOT. I'm more excited to see this by the day.
  • Didn't get to see all of the Leatherheads trailer but what I saw looked fun.
  • The Bud Light commercial with the Clydesdale in training was charming.
  • Ditto the Coke commercial with a surprise cameo at the very end (wasn't that balloon retired 30 years ago?)
  • ...and that's about all I can think of off the top of my head.
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were solid and family-friendly entertainment, but showcasing a band playing 20+ yr old hits is pretty far from cutting edge. Did you have to dial it back so much, post-Janet 'n' Justin? Sheesh.

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