Monday, April 28, 2008

Grading the Comics: Week of April 21

Hey folks,
Not the most auspicious or heavily-bought week but there were a few interesting items in the mix.
Here's what I got and what I thought:

  • COUNTDOWN #1- FINALLY! I feel somewhat liberated, having tortured myself on this sub-standard weekly for a full year. Bruised me enough that TRINITY is not on my pull list... Series Grade: F
  • HULK #3- Rick (New Abomination) Jones throws down with Red Hulk while Samson and Ross go see Green Hulk... and wackiness ensues. B
  • NUMBER OF THE BEAST #2 (OF 6)- The Paladins are... gone? Or is something else even more weird happening? Does anyone know what Eidolon (a character last seen during Warren Ellis' run on STORMWATCH) is talking about? B-
  • SPIRIT #16- Huh. Haven't read it yet.
  • ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #53- The end of the Thanos storyline, wherein Reed pulls a rabbit out of his hat (one that actually makes a lot of sense) and massive world-shaking changes are undone like *snap!* Way to go, Mike Carey! A
  • ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #121- A day in the life of Peter Parker. Story and art are okay but I wasn't jazzed. C
  • UNCANNY X-MEN #497 DWS- More of "groovy San Fran" as Emma and Scott penetrate the weirdness, and Peter, Logan and Kurt find a cold reception in Russia (ooh the puns are thick today!). B
And so it goes, ladies and gents.
Like the grades? Hate 'em? Write and say so!

till then- Drew

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