Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Philadelphia weekend

Hey folks!
Sorry about not blogging for a week-plus-- had a real busy weekend in Philadelphia with Kat and her cousins. It was a 23rd birthday party and much celebrating was done.
Philly is a pretty cool place to wander around. We were a few blocks from the Art Institute (aka the Rocky steps), across from a really terrific fountain. If I can find out how to download all the shots in my cell phone, you'll see what I mean.
One big plus: the Franklin Institute is having a huge STAR WARS show, with costumes, models, props, and a load of audio-visual supplementary material. It costs $20 for an adult to get in (not including an extra $5 to go into the Millennium Falcon recreation), but after 5pm, that drops to $10. So go late!!
Anyway, terrific weekend and I hope to put up some pics soon.
BTW, loads of great new stuff in this month's SFRevu, including an interview with three Wild Cards writers, an interview with David Cornish (writer of Monster-Blood Tattoo) and plenty of reviews.
Hope you're all great out there!

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