Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth of July and so on

Geez, has it been a week since I last posted? Guess so.
Kat and I had a really good Fourth of July. We didn't get any workouts in during the week but made up for it by... eating a lot at the WSFA barbecue. John and Kathi opened their home to a huge number of us, displaying their amazing generosity once again, and we ate like kings. Can't say enough great things about the barbecue. (And we got to see them make liquid nitrogen ice cream again, which is always a blast.)
A huge thanks to Lee, btw, for making sure we got there-- he's a great friend.
We left the party with our other great friends, Ern and EJ, Paul and Gayle, to catch WALL-E (for the second time for Kat and me). You can see my review here.
I stayed home most of the weekend, puttering around and getting some writing done, while Kat went out and did her Sunday thing. All in all, pretty fun.
Hope you had a great Fourth (for you US citizens in the readership) or otherwise had a fine weekend.

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