Thursday, August 14, 2008

On a Happier Note

Today's my birthday. Yay for me!
Turned 44 and spent it enjoying my day immensely, with visits to a handful of stores, a bit of writing, and ending with a great dinner with Kat.
I've been wondering at the passion and outrage I've brought to these posts lately. The issue for me is making the world better for my child-to-be.
Think about it.
What else is there to be passionate about?


Peter Nixon said...

Happy Birthday, Drew. I think there's a copy of "Sorcerer's Son" winging it's way to you...:-)

Drew said...

Y'know, I met Phyllis Eisenstein here in DC a few years ago. Very nice lady, now in her 60s I think, and she said she had a few more books in her-- and one would be a sequel to Sorcerer's Son.
Thanks, Peter!