Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's a Girl! (Or... it will be)

Kat and I had her third (and probably final) sonogram yesterday.
In late February or early March, we look forward to welcoming Brielle Grace Bittner into our family.
(Don't be alarmed, by the way--this first pic is our daughter yawning. She is NOT recreating Munch's "The Scream"! :) )


Anonymous said...

Congratulations,we are so happy. Can't wait to meet her.

Scott Dunbier said...

Congratulations, very happy to hear this!

Drew said...

Thanks so much! It's kind of surreal, knowing our family grows by one (already has, really). Can't wait to meet her.
all best,

Matt Forbeck said...

Congratulations, Drew and Kat! Just don't buy too many pink things yet. Those ultrasounds are only about 85% accurate when predicting sex, and my first son beat those odds. :)