Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More About Heroes Finale

Pretty cool chat online with Tim Kring and Hayden Panettiere (Claire) here. Strongly suggests...

  • We haven't seen the last of Peter Petrelli;
  • Claire will be a significant presence next season;
  • Angela Petrelli has powers of her own;
  • Hiro's time-trip will have ramifications (and some reveals);
  • the team would *love* to have Claude return, if Christopher Eccleston is available;
  • the "cliffhangers" regarding several characters (esp. Parkman, Sylar and DL?) will be resolved; and
  • "Vol 2: Generations" will not be a season-long story arc but will end halfway through the season.


  • Coolest line of the night: "Call me Noah." (Wonder what Noah Gray-Cabey [Micah] thought of that?)
  • Niki playing "batter up!" on Sylar was terrific
  • Isaac's visions didn't *exactly* come true but... sort of!
  • I really was expecting them to find some way to cut off Sylar's ability to add more powers--how the heck are they going to stop him next time?
  • Revising my opinion from a few posts back, I doubt Parkman and DL will be killed off; they've suggested some cast members might not return in major roles, so I'm thinking they may shuffle them offscreen rather than kill them off for good
  • Mohinder is kicking more @$$ by the day!

That's all for this post. Keep an eye on www.nbc.com/Heroes... there's going to be more stuff over the summer to keep us Heroes fans coming back.

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