Sunday, May 20, 2007

You Just Had to Be There...

Y'know, taping a TV show is one of those things that seems so easy, but takes so much work. For instance, there we were yesterday at DCTV, taping an episode of "Fantastic Forum," my friend Ulie's show about comic books. I did two of the three shows-- and in the second, one of my co-panelists, Roberto, digressed rather... um, spectacularly.

Can't remember how it happened, but Roberto began talking about Puerto Rican girls. I won't deprive you of the experience of watching this for yourself (keep an eye out for upcoming "Fantastic Forum" showings!), but suffice to say that Roberto has strong feelings regarding his community's distaff side. We were dumbstruck... and our host, Sherin, was at a loss for how to continue, even though we all laughed about it afterward.

On the down side, we're all afraid Roberto will never be safe in New York City ever again.

In other news, we had some good one liners crop up here and there. Notably:

  • "No name necessary!" (John Brooks)
  • "If we were the cast of HEROES, I'd be..." (a lot of us)
  • "I've got the hammer now!" (Ulysses Campbell)

C'mon, some of you reading this post where there. Help me out-- what were some other great lines? It was like Wednesday at Big Monkey on steroids. Definitely a blast was had by all.

Be safe, Roberto.


Sherin said...

"When I get thirsty I don't reach for a big glass of Hater-aid..." (Big Mike)

DrewB said...

Classic Big Mikism!
He IS the quotable Big Mike!