Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just Finished CITY OF BONES by Cassandra Clare

Really enjoyed it tremendously. In fact, I'm jealous, as a number of elements she's used are things I'd thought of for that urban fantasy I keep promising Kat I'll write. Darn it. Guess I'll have to "creative up" real soon...

She read from the sequel, CITY OF ASHES, at World Fantasy. The book's due out in March 2008, giving you all plenty of time to find and read this first installment.

The summary: Clary Fray, a teenager in Brooklyn, discovers a shadow world of vampires, werewolves, warlocks and faeries co-exists with mankind. A handful of folk descended from the Angel Raziel and imbued with special abilities-- the Shadowhunters-- protect the unwitting masses from supernatural destruction.

A former Shadowhunter named Valentine, long believed dead, has returned and threatens the fragile Accords that enable peace between the Downworlders (the supernaturals) and the Shadowhunters. Clary's mother is involved and soon kidnapped, leaving Clary to seek help from a group of teenagers-- including the charming Jace, the brooding Alec, Alec's boy-bait sister Isabelle-- and their mysterious mentor Hodge. Her best friend, Simon, is dragged into this business as well, and finds that dabbling in the occult is not always very healthy.

Events build to a breakneck pace as revelation follows betrayal, back and forth. Clary's in for quite a number of shocks, especially regarding her forgotten early history and the nature of her mother's boyfriend Luke.

It's quite a ride and there's plenty that will carry over into CITY OF ASHES. The characters are lots of fun, with Clary providing a sensible centerpoint as her world gets darker and stranger by the page.

Okay, that's your capsule review for the day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Drew (and Kat), just finished the 'Godslayer' chronicles...great read -- thanks again for sending them. Also, Rob and Anne spent the day with us yesterday. Everyone is well and we had a great time. See you guys soon! -Glenn

Drew said...

Hey Glenn!
Glad to hear that you liked the books-- I think James Clemons is a real good writer-- and also glad to hear Rob and Anne came to visit. We really missed seeing family this past weekend but are looking forward to Christmas.
see you soon!