Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thinkin' Bout HEROES

Last night's episode felt like the show was once again firing on all cylinders. Looks like Tim K heard the sighing masses and injected some adrenaline right into the heart of this beast, 'cause it sure was slouching toward resolution.

Some thoughts (and a couple spoilerish musing in invisotext):

  • West might have started off as a jerk (my wife really didn't like him at all) but I think he's sorting himself out--and he proved to be a stand-up guy when HRG needed his help, which undoes a lot of emo in my book;
  • Was that a sweet move when he grabbed HRG from his own front door or what? Definitely a high moment for this season, you ask me.
  • Hiro and Kaito have some of the best interaction in this episode. Hiro's grown a lot since his first "puppy dog" days--he's probably the most heroic of the characters.
  • Matt is finding out that power can indeed corrupt. His interrogation of Angela Petrelli was illuminating in more ways than one. Could we be seeing Nightmare Man II coming up?
  • Mohinder shot HRG? Are you freakin' KIDDING me? Oh, that's a karmic debt that'll put Dr. Suresh in massive pain sometime soon.
  • The show telegraphed the possibility of HRG coming back from the dead when Adam's blood cured the severely burned and irradiated Nathan last week; I called it after he was shot and Kat said I knew too much;
  • Elle and Claire are going to have one hellacious catfight real soon.
  • Elle is not happy with Daddy Bob right now. Guess HRG hit a nerve.
  • And the Haitian might not be too happy the next time Elle finds him, either. He'd better be quick on the draw with his nullifying power or he'll be Caribbean BBQ.
  • I still think Maya's power has something to do with the Shanti Virus kill-off, though maybe that's a red herring.
  • Is Sylar going to off Suresh? Seems like that'd be one loose thread he wouldn't mind snipping.

All in all, last night was pretty damn good. How are they going to wrap up their version of THE STAND in two episodes? No idea, but the shot of Hiro holding a sword to Peter's throat was pretty killer...

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