Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Point of Clarification, and thoughts on next Monday

I'm coming down pretty hard on HEROES and Mohinder in particular. But I'd like to clear up one point.

I don't want anyone to think I'm bashing Sendhil Ramamurthy, who plays Mohinder. For my money, he's giving it his all. Doesn't change my opinion that Mohinder's one of the dumbest smart guys on television... but he's doing a fine job as an actor.

On to other HEROES business.

The promo promises TWO heroes aren't walking away from this one. Who's likely to get the axe? I think...

  • It won't be Peter or Hiro. Between them, for different reasons, they're the anchors of the show.
  • It won't be Claire. That reunion with HRG doesn't feel like it has impending tragedy written all over it (unless they bump off HRG for real this time-- see below).
  • It won't be Elle. She has too much potential and I think she'll be switching sides anyway; Bob isn't doing much to earn his baby girl's loyalty. (The scene in the car was brutal.)
  • It won't be Maury Parkman-- he's out of play anyway-- and it probably won't be Bob or Angela (I don't think enough viewers would get bent out of shape if any of these three bit it).
  • And has the Haitian even been seen in the past month? It'd be cheap to have him show up long enough to get bumped off.

So who does that leave?

  • Matt- a definite possibility, but I think there's a lot left to explore in his descent into the corruption of power. A longshot for elimination.
  • Nathan- poignant if he and Peter are reunited just before Nathan's taken out of play for good. Even money.
  • Mohinder- probably not; they get a lot of mileage out of his being smart and dense at the same time. Longshot.
  • Sylar- are you kidding? Zachary Quinto is gold on this show! Extreme longshot.
  • Maya- yeah, I can see it. Even money.
  • Adam/Takezo- does anyone really doubt Hiro will find a way to get revenge for his dad's murder? I don't think Mr. Forever will make it past next Monday. Sure thing.
  • HRG- sadly, I can see them taking Noah off the board this week. Seeing Claire get him back just to lose him again? Heartless... but not impossible. Even money.

What do you guys think?

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Drew said...

Wow, I did a pretty good job pegging the winners and losers this week!
Clapping myself on the back, I remain...