Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weekend of Food

It's been a busy weekend, friends. Kat's father and brother came down from NJ on Saturday and we had a great time with them. Once they got to town, we ordered Papa Johns and played Lego Star Wars. Then, we mostly hit the stores, got our cellphone plan straightened out--temporarily--then went to Woo Lae Oak in Falls Church (GREAT Korean BBQ!). It was the second time I've been there, and if we had a car, we'd probably become regulars.

Sunday was our writers' group get-together. We went to Le Pain Quotidien in Old Town. Everything was going great, we were hanging out and thinking of ordering a second course of food, when the general manager (I think) came over and chirped about how we were still "nibbling" and did we need our stuff wrapped to go? Kat and Sherin were pretty PO'd. They complained to another guy, who said the first guy was Belgian (which means what?), and that he was sorry we'd felt like we were being rushed out. Either way, it's not a good way to induce repeat business. Our afternoon continued at Cosi (which turned out to be an EXCELLENT place to hang out all afternoon), and then a takeout dinner from Popeyes.

Got home in time to feed and play with the kittens before crashing.

How was YOUR weekend?

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