Friday, August 3, 2007


Hey gang!
Kat and I went to Comic-Con and yes, we have pictures. I'll upload them this weekend, I promise! But here are some highlights:

  • had a hotel room that was absolutely beautiful, courtesy of a good friend;
  • caught up with a bunch of old WildStorm colleagues over the weekend, which was absolutely great;
  • American Dad panel was awesome!
  • ditto the Cartoon Voices panel--Maurice LeMarche and Jess Harnell are still my heroes;
  • if there is any justice, Pushing Daisies will be the big hit of the '07-'08 TV season-- and Kristin Chenoweth is one funny lady (look for YouTube footage of their panel!);
  • Kat and I hung out Sunday afternoon with Mike Carey, comic book writer extraordinaire and hardest working man in comics;
  • got pictures of the Mach 5, Batmobile and Tony Stark's car;
  • saw Rosario Dawson out in San Diego and said hi and good luck with her comic book (she said "thanks!");
  • got a glimpse of the crated-up Iron Man armor Mk 1 at the Marvel booth;
  • got a look at some upcoming Justice League Unlimited toys from Mattel;
  • generally suffered the battering and abuse that comes with struggling through about 100k others, all generally interested in the same things I am;
  • and so on.

There's a LOT I'm forgetting but will occur to me later, so keep an eye on this space!


The Pie Maker said...

If you have any pics from the "Pushing Daisies" panel and you are interested in sharing them with other PS fans, we would be happy to post them with full credit and a link to your site on

Paul said...

Hey Buddy. Hope all is well.I kept checking G4's coverage of the convention hoping to spot you, but no luck.Glad you had a great time.

Drew said...

we probably do have some pics... let us look through the chips and see what we have. Whatever we find, we'd be glad to post to your site.
hey buddy! All's good. Not much chance seeing us on G4 but thanks for keeping an eye out! And we had a blast!
see you soon!