Thursday, July 26, 2007

Harry Potter and the Failed Oracle

Okay, if you've read the book

SPOILER WARNING!! Invisotext on!

you'll realize very few of my predictions came true. In a way, I'm relieved, mostly because they led to a sadder-but-wiser ending I doubt would have pleased many kids... and let's not forget, this is KID'S FICTION. Adults read it but they aren't Rowling's target audience. (If they were, we'd see more grown-ups packing the front rows at her readings.)

Invisotext off

I finished reading the book around midnight last night and was satisfied. Kat might be done today and I hope we'll discuss it on the flight out to San Diego. If nothing else, it provides room for lots of speculation and discussion.

Did you read it? Are you avoiding it like the plague? Write in!

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