Wednesday, July 25, 2007

San Diego Bound

Hey folks!

Kat and I are going to San Diego Comic-Con this Friday. For me, it's a business trip; for her, it's an action-packed thrill ride. (She's never been-- I hope it won't overwhelm her TOO much!) This would not happen without the kindness of John Nee at DC Comics, so a big "THANKS, JOHN!" goes out to him. Can't wait to see the guy in SD.

Seems like every day brings more announcements and news. Jenna Jameson is doing a comic book? Okay. I already know Rosario Dawson will be there touting her book, which is cool (Kevin Smith said she's "the hottest geek on the planet" after talking comics with her).

Mostly I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Kat and I are going to visit with Mike Carey after the X-Men sign-a-thon Sunday, plus there will be a bunch of "did you see?" moments. Kat has her heart set on the HEROES panel Saturday and on seeing Clive Owen Friday afternoon (she's even skipping a Neil Gaiman panel!).

In short, this is going to be one fabulous trip. If I can, I'll blog from the con. If not, expect a LOT of posts shortly after!

see ya!

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