Monday, July 2, 2007

What th...? Countdown- Second Teaser Image

This is the bomb. "...And Evil Shall Inherit the Earth"? Dynamite!

Give it a good long look, kids-- this has a LOT of hints on DC's next year of stories, I'm betting.

I would draw your attention to what look like the Black Racer's broken skis, as well as the trio of Supermen in the upper right corner. (Notice how the one with his back to us seems to be wearing a Kryptonian "healing" suit like Kal-El did at the end of Reign of the Supermen?) And could that be Darkseid's infamous stony mug half-buried in the dirt? We already suspected Mary Marvel was going to be better-than-close pals with Eclipso, but where does Granny Goodness fit into all this? Hm. Intriguing.

Not to mention how Trickster, DeSaad and *the Penguin* are in a confab stage right. When was the last time that THE FREAKIN' PENGUIN was a serious player, much less a bird-festooned joke?

What is Martian Manhunter doing with the bad guys?

Why is Luthor screaming, his hands covered in blood? And yeah, it really does look like the Crime Bible (I thought it might've been Destiny's book) next to Luthor's knee.

Oooh, this is a good 'un.

Thanks to reader Walking Through Destiny's Garden for pointing out it's DeSaad, not Destiny. D'oh! Now go read Absorbascon, as Scip has a much better post on this than I do.


Walking through Destinys Garden said...

erm thats not destiny...thats Desaad. Last seen in Countdown 51... Darkseid chief torturer, and the one person who most often plots against him.

DrewB said...

Good eye, Walking! I thought it was Destiny, 'cause all those hooded guys look alike, but the expression is definitely DeSaadistic...
Thanks for checkin' out the blog!

Martin said...

The Evil Superman Trio has me most intrigued...especially the "Resurrection" Supes in the black suit and the mullet. He had a mullet but no cape during the "Reign" storyline, and he wore a variant of that suit (but no mullet) during the "Emperor Joker" storyline.

And is that the Kingdom Come Superman, as most people think...OR is it the alternate future Superman from the first "Superman/Batman" arc? Remember, he came back in time to kill Clark, and he had access to Apokolips technology. :) He DID say he'd cut deals with the New Gods, and perhaps their opposite numbers...

Interesting stuff. Didio is great with the hype machine, but weak with the follow-through. We'll see if this pays off in 2008, I guess.

Drew said...
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