Monday, July 9, 2007

Monmouth Regional Class of '82 Reunion!

40-Somethings Rampage in Central Jersey- Film at 11!

Just came back yesterday from my 25th high school reunion. We had about 50-60 attendees for the obligatory Friday night stop at Morgan's and the picnic on Saturday afternoon (I have no idea how many showed up for Monmouth Park on Sunday, since Kat and I were already headed home).

It was great seeing so many people. I didn't have the chance to say hi to as many folks as I'd have liked-- some of you were probably ducking me-- but did manage to catch up with a number of classmates I hadn't seen since '82.

A big "great seeing you!" to (alphabetically):
Mary Ellen Abbiati, Bernie Banks, Glen Campbell (and family), Vicky Damrose, Bernie Daniels, Joe Episcopo, Mary Ellen Ferrigno, Ben Forest (and family), Charlton Goodrich, Craig James, Lynn Joshua, Lenzy Kelley, Michelle Levesque, Anna Martinez, Carole McCall, Ken McGee, Adam McInnis, Mary Beth Murphy, Larry Neis (grandmaster of the reunion group and a great guy), Cheryl Persson, Carole and Cindy Redd, Cathy Reinbacher, Sean Smith (and family), Scott Thacke... who am I leaving off this list? And of course, there were a lot of you that I saw but didn't say hi to-- maybe next time.

And thanks to Katie Schondel for her business card-- my wife's family LOVES Marriott!

The 30th reunion is set for July 12, 2012, and I hope we'll see everyone there. In the meantime, check back here soon-- I plan to post (or link to) pix from this reunion, as well as from some recent fun stuff Kat and I have done.

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