Thursday, July 12, 2007

Comics: What am I Reading?

Let's see, what's on my list for this week?

  • Countdown #42
  • Exiles #96
  • Gen13 #10
  • Green Lantern #21
  • Justice Society of America #7
  • Omega Flight #4
  • Shadowpact #15
  • StormWatch PHD #9
  • Superman #664
  • Ultimate X-Men #81
  • World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1

Hm. That's seven DC titles, four Marvel, no independents. Strong week for DC!

I'm looking forward to the Sinestro Corps War-- that's probably the most exciting thing I've seen lately, especially the big reveal of the SC's big guns. I mean, geez. Geoff Johns dug deep for an all-star lineup.

Also looking forward to where Countdown is going. Gotta admit, I'm not as excited as I was by 52, but this seems geared to lead directly into Final Crisis (if the word of mouth is on target)... and who knows what that'll be?

Anyway, some interesting stuff percolating out there. Keep reading!

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