Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Heroes: Back on Track?

Caught Heroes last night and was pleasantly surprised. What had seemed a scattershot and underwhelming season so far is picking up steam. Some interesting things... [SPOILER ALERT, inviso-text on]

  • HRG is BACK, baby! If anyone thought Noah Bennet had lost his edge, this episode should've proven he's still the same ice-cold bastard he's always been. Not only that, but Jack Coleman does a really magnificent job of showing--just for a split-second--the temptation to give in to Ivan's offer. He can't take it... but you can see that he wants to.

  • West is evil. Not so much in a gloating supervillain way, but he's a bad influence and he's going to mess up Claire but good. I also think HRG is going to end up facing off with this kid (after they meet in an episode or two) and it won't be good for either of them.

  • Sylar is back too. His little aside to Alejandro, about killing the twins and stealing their powers... or settling for his "shiny new toy" Maya if that doesn't happen? Sweet! Zachary Quinto, you're the man.

  • What's gotten into Mohinder? Is he tired of being everyone's patsy? Sure seems like it. Smashing a fridge full of virus (good idea/bad idea?) and refusing to inject Monica with a virus that *should* take away her powers... well, it was a ballsy move, but I still have no idea why Bob targeted Monica. What can being an adaptive muscle mimic do that's so much worse than half the heroes we already know? Geez.

  • And why did Bob have a total change of heart regarding Monica? This is really suspicious--and I think she knows it too.

  • Takezo Kensei, a traitor? Say it ain't so! Well, Hiro did betray him first. I'm eager to see how they'll tie this into the modern story arc for this chapter. I think Kenzai is the ancestor of one or more major bloodlines, probably including the Petrellis... and I wonder if they'll drag him into the present with Hiro. Hm.

Giving this ep a solid B+. Don't know that it's up there with the best of last season but the show is looking up-- and Kat and I are darn glad to see it.

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