Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Long Weekend Not Long Enough

Hey gang-

Well, we had us quite a weekend. My parents-in-law came to visit Friday afternoon and left very early Sunday. In between, we went to Clydes in Gallery Place for lunch, then to the International Spy Museum's gift shop, then to the sculpture garden and the art gallery next to it. (That's where I took this picture, which is NOT that good, I'm afraid.)

After that, we went to Kat's office to pick up the car, and then home.

Saturday was pretty much Alexandria Day. We went to Great Wall to do some shopping, then home to drop off groceries, then out to Old Town for a day wandering up and down and along the waterfront. Took a cruise in the Potomac (thanks, Mom!) and wandered along King Street awhile, before grabbing dinner at Fish Market. Kat and I weren't feeling too good afterward, possibly the cumulative effect of the whole day. We felt a bit better later Sunday, after sleeping in a bit.
Yesterday was very quiet, mostly stayed at home (Kat called in sick, I had Columbus Day off). I wrote more of my novel (up to 15k words, woohoo!) and we took a walk around the block (twice). Then HEROES and... that's about it.
Let me know how you all spent your (hopefully long) weekend! Later!


Paul said...

Spent the weekend starting to rip apart the corner bedroom and throwing out stuff I can't believe I ever bought.All our best.

Drew said...

Hey, it's constructive! I have tons of stuff I can't believe I held on to, let alone bought. One day we might actually have a guest bedroom but for now... not so much.