Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Asia Nine and CoCo Sala: Two Great Tastes

Friday night, four of us met to celebrate Kat's birthday (a couple days after the fact) and hit a couple new places downtown.

Our first stop was Asia Nine, which opened rather recently at 915 E Street, opposite the J. Edgar Hoover Building (aka FBI HQ). The menu is pan-Asian, with elements from various cuisines and cool decor (we liked the black ceiling and dark walls). The prices were very reasonable and we found plenty of great dishes to keep us talking (and eating) for quite awhile.

Our second stop was CoCo Sala (note: the web site appears to be a placeholder), at 929 F Street. It only opened about a week ago (I think). We liked the variety of chocolate dishes; we each chose something from the five-course menu, and two of us tried a chocolate cocktail that was excellent. Coming on the heels of Asia Nine, we were all very stuffed when we left CoCo Sala, but it was a good stuffed.

If you have the time, check them out--both places have a lot to offer, great atmosphere and great food.

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