Monday, May 12, 2008

Talk talk

Some times, the things you do come back around in an odd way.

This past weekend, a friend shared with me that a former acquaintance had been "bothered" by how I handled a goodbye to my former LCS. This person seemed to think I was "enjoying it too much" and that I was gratuitously hurting someone's feelings.

Not true, from my point of view. I was extraordinarily uncomfortable about the circumstances and found the necessity of going back to the store--after I'd made a rather final exit--to be darkly humorous. It probably didn't come off that way. But nevertheless, it bothered someone... and I guess they are still talking or thinking about it.

You know what? It doesn't matter.

The person who was bothered by what I did never bothered to talk with me about it. Instead, a friend took the risky step of passing along what others were apparently gossiping about (months after the fact), to let me know. While I appreciate their willingness to take that chance, it isn't precisely a teaching moment for me because:

a. the person upon whom I supposedly inflicted harm (or this person's friend, the nameless gossip) never addressed me about it; and
b. what, I'm supposed to listen to or be schooled by some nameless gossip?


That's what separates a friend from an acquaintance, IMO. A friend takes a chance on telling you something you might not want to hear; an acquaintance-- especially one that doesn't mean you well-- gossips about it behind your back.

I can tell you which of the two I'd prefer to hang out with.


Peter Nixon said...

What's an LCS?

Drew said...

Hey buddy!
LCS is slang for local comic shop. This relates to an incident a few months back.
I've revised this post-- a friend counseled me to be more Christian in my outlook.