Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Butterfly Exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History

Kat and I were in the mood to have lunch together yesterday. She's going to be moving offices soon and we won't have this opportunity again for some months, so we went to the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden to meet for lunch. The Sculpture Garden, for those non-DC-locals reading this, is one of the best places to sit, relax and people-watch on the Mall. The centerpiece is a huge fountain (which becomes a skating rink in the winter), where ducks and sparrows bum bread crumbs from picnickers. Really, it's a great place to go, plus they have jazz concerts on Friday evenings during the summer. Check it out!

Anyway, we decided to walk around and our wandering took us near the National Museum of Natural History. Kat said the butterfly exhibit was free on Tuesdays, so why not check it out? We went in, headed upstairs, found the ticket booth, and then stood in line. Didn't take long before we were in a metal 'pavillion' in which about thirty species of butterfly wing back and forth amid giant eruptions of flora. It's kept very hot and humid inside (apparently butterflies like it hot) and we were cautioned not to touch any of the butterflies, even if they land on you (and they do).

I have a few pictures on my cellphone camera, and if I can transfer them, I'll post them here. The sight is really spectacular and I suggest that you make it a point to visit if you're in town.

Later today: my comic book reading list for the week.

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