Sunday, June 29, 2008

Michael Turner, comic book artist- RIP

Artist Michael Turner, owner and founder of Aspen Studios, has passed away at age 37, following a long battle with cancer. Part of a group of young artists whose work was fostered by Homage Studios, he achieved tremendous success and a huge fan following with his work for Top Cow Studios, including Witchblade, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and more. His own creations included Fathom and Soulfire. He was considered one of the industry's best artists, particularly when it came to drawing beautiful women.

A personal anecdote: Back in '96, when I was working for WildStorm, a bunch of us went to a club in the Gaslamp District for a party. I'd caught a ride with a young lady who was working in the industry, but she ditched me there (without saying goodbye, she just left) after some of my co-workers basically slandered me to her. Anyway...

There I was, stuck downtown without my car and feeling pissed off. Mike Turner was there, with a bunch of folks from Top Cow. I heard he was leaving and asked (before I'd really even met the guy) if he could drop me off in La Jolla. He said sure, but wanted to grab a bite first with the folks he was already driving, so we ended up hitting the Denny's just outside La Jolla around 1am. We ended up, the bunch of us, sitting and talking for a couple of hours, then I got dropped off at my front door.
Mike probably never knew my name, who I was or what I was doing at the party... but he drove me home. I tell that story sometimes to highlight how generous people can be toward those they don't know.

I never saw him again after that, but can't forget his act of kindness.

He was a great guy and will be greatly missed.


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