Friday, June 20, 2008

John Nee Leaves DC

Hey folks,
If you read the blog, you'll have seen the name John Nee here before.
Well, I read online today that he's resigned from DC Comics. No idea if it is effective immediately or what-- I haven't talked with him since learning the news.
My two cents:
John is a complicated guy, extremely smart and farsighted. He knows a lot about many, many subjects. In some ways, he is a bigger than life character.
I have faith he'll be fine coming through this time of transition, and look forward to talking with him soon. He knows he has an open invitation to come to DC (Washington) any time he likes--Kat and I always have a place for him.
Take care, John-

I spoke with John this past weekend by instant message; he seemed to be doing well. There are no details I can offer on the overall subject of his departure-- I didn't ask. Kat and I consider him a good friend and continue to wish him the very best.

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