Friday, September 21, 2007

In Memoriam: Luray Hodder

UPDATED 9/21/07
Musician Luray Hodder-Kuca, 39, of Portland, OR, died by carbon monoxide asphyxiation on Sept. 6, 2007. Her husband John Kuca committed suicide with her; their daughter Ruby, 5, found with them, was the victim of homicide according to Portland police.

An anonymous commenter to this blog has reported that police have not yet closed this case and have not ruled Luray's death a suicide. On that basis, my text has been amended and any conclusions stated herein are retracted, with my apologies to any who may have been offended or alarmed. (It appeared to me that the media reports were calling it a suicide, but if the police have not made a determination, it is more responsible to report it thus.)

Luray attended Monmouth Regional HS for some of the years I spent there. She was part of the Drama Club and was part of an extended circle of kinda-sorta-friends; we didn't visit each others' houses or anything but when the Drama Club went out after a performance, both of us were usually there.

It's a sad ending to a life. What makes it monstrous is that their daughter was murdered when Luray and her husband died. I can sort of imagine being so distraught that you'd want to kill yourself if your wife had terminal cancer (as Luray did); I can't under any circumstances imagine wanting to take your only child with you into the Great Beyond.

Kat and I extend our thoughts and prayers to her family and her husband's.

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Peter Nixon said...

Wow. Words fail me. What a terrible story. My memories of Luray aren't vivid, but I certainly remember a few encounters back in those Drama Club days. She and her family will be in my prayers as well.

Drew said...

Thanks, Pete. Word of this came from Nancy Fox at Steph's birthday party. Beth and Glenn confirmed it on Google the next day.
It's terrible, especially given a girl's involvement.
Talk with you soon-

Anonymous said...

I think it is important for you to know that Ray did not commit suicide. She did not conspire to kill herself or her daughter. She was killed along with her daughter. I was with her a couple hours before she died and she was not suicidal. The police so far still have the case open and all the information points to Ray having NO part in his plan. It is a complete tragedy.

Drew said...

That's good to know. The news coverage did not make it seem that way, so any news to the contrary is welcome.
Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Hey - just a shout out to old friends from MRHS...My brother Mike Libby and I were there 82-85. Drew, I knew your sister Beth better but I met you a few times too.

Luray's death has hit me hard - she was my BFF at MRHS. We were still in touch regularly.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

My name is Greg, I'm the guy who did the Artificial Art CD with her.
I just now heard the news about Rays death and I am totally grief stricken.
This is so sad. i had not talked to Ray in a bit (which was sort a common for ray)but when we last talked we talked of the future,touring ,gigs, another CD, you know... music stuff. she was in good spirits. Ruby was the love of her life,I can not believe for one second that she would take Rubys life like that. This really is a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

It has been 2 years since this tragic event and I still have very mixed emotions about it all. I have done lots of "Soul Searching" and at various times have come up with what hopefully will be resolution in my Life. Being that I knew both Ray (her ex) David and also John (I was in a band with them all!) and I was the one who had to break the News to David about what John did to Ray, I may always have to live in the shaddow of that horrible "What If..." thoughts that I have. I tell myself not to dwell on them, but those thoughts comes= back to haunt me every year at this time. Each year though it hits me less and less.
Take Care!

Samantha Kuca said...

This is one of the worst things I have heard before.. and it's part of my life because she is my step-mom...
..I had just gotten in touch with my father (John Kuca Jr.) after 8 years just months before this happened.. this memory sticks out so much for me.
I miss then so much.. I never got to meet Luray nor Ruby.. but I talked on the phone with Luray once and Ruby about twice.. John and I talked almost everyday...
..I still remember that night.. deciding who I should call.. Daddy.. or one of my friends.. I chose one of my friends.. and I still blame myself sometimes..
It wasn't my fault but.. I still feel at blame...
..I miss them so much and I love them so much and I wish I could have at least said goodbye..
They're always in my heart.. always and forever..
No one will ever forget them.. especially not me..