Monday, September 24, 2007

Stuff to See and Do

Kat and I had a busy afternoon yesterday (Sunday) here in DC.

We got out the door bright and early (and it was bright- hardly a cloud in the sky), went to town and hit the Farmers Market. If you haven't gone to the Dupont Circle mainstay, it's a must-see. Apparently it's doing very well; we could barely walk around at all. The highlight was Chef Cathal Armstrong of Restaurant Eve, who made pork pate. Absolutely terrific.

We then headed out to church, then to the National Mall. Kat was inclined to see La Boheme, but I was less enthusiastic. We compromised; instead of me heading home, I stayed with her and we went to the Freer Gallery. Going upstairs for the first time, we saw a really great collection of ancient Asian art. If you have the chance, visit the Freer. We also went to the Smithsonian Castle-- there's some interesting stuff on display if you look beyond the visitors info desk-- and then fed a mixed flock of birds with the remnants of Kat's almond croissant.

By about 4:30, we were worn out and ready for home. Caught Simpsons and the Family Guy Star Wars shows, then crashed. Got a long night's sleep for the first time in ages (I usually wake up two or three times a night then go back to sleep, but not last night).

And now... it's Monday.


Peter Nixon said...

Ah, you're making me miss DC. Although they didn't have a Farmer's Market at Dupont Circle in my day. You had to head down to Eastern Market for that.

So what church are you guys hitting in the Dupont Circle area?

Drew said...

St Matthews, just off Connecticut, a few blocks south of the circle.
And yeah, the farmers market has gotten big. A bunch of celebs hit it when they're in town (Nicole Kidman was there last year-- apparently nobody recognized her).

Peter Nixon said...

Pretty cathedral, lousy acoustics, at least when I was there. Lot of history in that place, though.

If you get a chance, check out the 12:30 Gospel Mass at St. Augustine's on U Street. It's usual about 2 hours, but it's worth it!

Drew said...

Sounds good, Pete- I'll pass the recommendation on to Kat.
Hope all's great with Gina and the kids!

Walking through Destinys Garden said...

I went to see La Boheme with some friends/housemates. It was a good production, you should have gone. Placido Domingo showed up to say hello to everyone.