Friday, September 21, 2007

Kat Scores Bruce Tickets!

Hey gang! Katherine won huge today. She went to the Verizon Center to get tickets for Bruce's November 11 show-- and they were doing a ticket lottery. She chose a number... which happened to be #1! Can you believe it? First in line, she had a prime pick on where to go.

The seats in the very-closest sections were sold out but she got A-row seats in the next section over (section 121 for those of you looking at the VC map). We'll have a fantastic view of one of the rock world's best performers doing his thing.

I am so proud of Kat. She did great and scored us some unbelievable tickets. I have to take her to dinner to celebrate.

We plan to see Bruce and the E Street Band in NJ when he comes back, but his tour dates now are weeknights--hard to manage from here in DC. Still, we hope that there'll be plenty of dates to choose from when he returns to the Garden State. Gotta see him in the Meadowlands or Madison Square Garden.

Very excited, y'all.


Paul Skeen said...

Congratulations on the great seats.I really hope you get Jungleland.I expect a full review.

Drew said...

Hey buddy! We could not believe Kat's luck. Should be close enough to court ear damage from the stage amps. And we will be glad to give a full accounting-- we hope you'll send us a write up on the rehearsals!
See you soon!