Thursday, September 27, 2007

What am I reading now? And can I stop reading yet?

Well, finished reading/reviewing FATAL REVENANT by Stephen R. Donaldson and read THE UNNATURAL INQUIRER by Simon R. Green (lots of "R" middle names in what I'm seeing, huh?), which isn't due until January. And read BLOODLINE by F. Paul Wilson for review (have to write that one soon, even though Paul doesn't have an "R" initial).

For some reason, September was a very heavy review month for me. I was signed up for about seven or eight books and thought about taking on one or two more just 'cause (like Tony diTerlizzi and Holly Black's new Spiderwick book). Upshot: no writing time for Drew lately. Not for my own stuff, anyway.

That's why I'm basically passing on new things for November's SFRevu. Probably in December or January I'll pick up again but for right now...

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