Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Google Analytics

I love this site. Mostly, I love finding out where you readers hail from. Who'd have guessed I have (or have had) readers from all over the country? That someone in Oklahoma checked out my meandering prose, or someone from Beverly Hills dropped in to view a page? Not to mention Alabama, Washington State, Illinois, Massachusetts... quite a few places, all told.

Most of my readership is in the DC area-- the District, Virginia and Maryland-- 'cause that's where most of my friends are nowadays. (I'd add that my oldest friends and my family are elsewhere, but I know they check in too.)

As I said, I love finding out where you're from, and I'm glad that you came by to visit. I hope you'll find stuff here worth your time, and I'll be doing my best in 2009 to provide more. Please comment, if you would, on what you like and what you don't; I aim to please.

Happy Holidays!


Peter Nixon said...


I view your site with an aggregator known as Bloglines. Generally don't click through to the actual site unless I am going to comment.

I'm curious whether I show up as me or as Bloglines when I view your site. I suspect the latter because it would make sense for Bloglines to take one snapshot of your site and then display it to all Bloglines users who subscribe to you.

Drew said...

Hey Peter!
Analytics shows me the percentage of views that come via search engines, but I'd have to see if they specify Bloglines as one such pathway to my site.
And that reminds me, we need to mail out a Christmas card to you and the family...
all best,