Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HEROES Follow Up

Okay, my batting average for last night (prediction wise) wasn't terrible...

  • Peter did get his powers back;
  • Nathan and Peter ended as enemies;
  • there was a knockdown dragout fight (or two);
  • they DID try to use Doyle to take down Sylar but that lasted all of a minute;
  • they did thin the herd (geez, let's see: Meredith, Knox, Flint, Arthur [confirmed dead], Doyle, metal-arm guy, and possibly Sylar [yeah right]);
  • and time travel is apparently off the menu (yay!).

As for stuff I didn't predict (or got wrong):

  • Hiro did not get his powers back, but was retrieved from 1992;
  • Ando got powers;
  • PrimaTech is history;
  • Angela was NOT ready for Sylar;
  • the Mendez scrapbook was much less annoying than I thought it'd be;
  • the way they retrieved Hiro was clever;
  • and Kat and I both loved how Hiro punched out Tracey.

Among the miscellaneous, Spider-Mo is healed (and probably still has powers), Tracey is looking for a new job, and nobody but nobody is going to be using Papa Petrelli's magical jello except his son and Ando. (And apparently at least one Marine, per the ad for "Heroes: the Recruit" webisodes.)

What do we see for the future? Apparently Nathan convinces the President (Michael Dorn, aka Worf) that the heroes represent a danger and must be contained at an isolated facility (shades of DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, anyone?). Some of the heroes are on the run (hence the chapter title FUGITIVES), others have been captured and are presumably on their way to some American gulag. Beyond that, I imagine we'll see some of the heroes drafted into government service in different capacities as the talents are weaponized.

And so it goes. HEROES returns on February 2, folks.

UPDATE! Argh--forgot to give the chapter finale a grade. Having watched it a second time (and really enjoying the Sylar voiceover opening!), I'm giving this an A-/B+. Far more entertaining than the close out of either previous chapter and actually has me curious about the next volume.

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