Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random (Comic Book) Thoughts About 2008

  • Why didn't DC make more of a deal out of this being Superman's 70th anniversary?
  • Why can't they let Bruce Wayne be Batman for awhile before taking him out of the cowl yet again (this is, what, the fourth protracted leave-of-absence going back to "Knightfall")?
  • As for Marvel: SHE-HULK has been cancelled one more time, but I chalk this up to Peter David's radical departure from Dan Slott's excellent tenure on the book--basically, it was a lot less fun and I dropped the book three or four issues into David's run, and I LIKE the guy's work! Given Jen Walters' track record as a character, though, it won't be many years before SH vol 4 comes out.
  • Are we done with mega-events? SECRET INVASION and FINAL CRISIS between them burned me out, and FC isn't even done yet.
  • Enjoyed the heck out of FX (by Wayne Osborne and John Byrne) this year.
  • Most Overused Monster: zombies. I predict there won't be many (any?) zombie titles (apart from the superlative WALKING DEAD) this time next year. Horror will break fresh ground but the classic monsters need some retooling. And "Twilight" is not what I had in mind.
  • WildStorm is apparently doing good work adapting CHUCK (NBC-TV) into comics. This might be a whole new model for TV shows--and I'd love it if PUSHING DAISIES found its way into comics, if only to finish the story.
  • My daughter will be arriving in February; long before that, many years' worth of comics will be departing. I'm considering what to do with them, but am thinking most about donating to children's hospitals, the Red Cross or the Salvation Army-- I suspect these might do the most good, once I weed out anything I might want to keep.
  • And that's all that's on my mind right now. Later!

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