Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Comics This Week!

Well, I think I have my list for tomorrow figured out... here goes.

  • Booster Gold #5
  • Boys #13
  • Countdown to Final Crisis #20
  • Gen 13 #15
  • Green Lantern #25
  • Green Lantern Corps #19
  • Salvation Run #2
  • StormWatch Armageddon #1
  • Ultimate Iron Man II #1
  • Walking Dead #45
  • Wonder Woman #15

Will they be good? I'll be back Thursday or Friday and grade what I got.


James Meeley said...

What?! You are getting Green Lantern #25 and Green Lantern Corps #19, but you aren't picking up Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Ion one-shot? Considering the changes that are happening withing the other two book over the Ion power, I really hope you do pick up a copy.

Drew said...

Hey James!
To be honest, the Sinestro Corps War tie-ins haven't left me very excited. If my buds at the LCS think the Ion book is a great read, I might reconsider... but I feel like Parallax and Superman-Prime squandered my goodwill for tie-in issues.