Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday Morning Quarterback: HEROES

Last HEROES post for awhile, I guess.
The chapter finale? Meh.
Things I liked (spoilers implied if not outright said):

  • not a bad little clash between Peter, Hiro, Matt and Nathan (Kat insists that Nathan is the antidote to the Shanti virus, which she maintains is "stupidity");
  • how Hiro took care of Adam;
  • Nathan's speech (and the video recap);
  • Angela really is Lady MacBeth;
  • Elle stepping up;
  • Molly's scene with Maya; and
  • "Bro-Yay: The Reunion"

Things I didn't like:

  • Peter sides with Adam over everybody else? I can see Peter dismissing Parkman but Hiro...?
  • Monica: can you spell W-A-S-H-O-U-T? She might have tried to help Niki...
  • Micah, orphaned;
  • HRG cutting a deal with the Company seems insanely out of character--isn't he the guy who kept ranting that "you can't trust them"?
  • so what, HRG goes back to being a killer robot?
  • Claire wanting to out the Company and those like her (which came off more as a tantrum than an act of defiance);
  • Peter being an idiot again (not a new moment, just the same one bubbling up like indigestion);
  • Mohinder not even guessing that Sylar might be de-powered, much less taking a precaution or two walking in the door (lamb to the slaughter)--I really thought he might have tried infecting Sylar with a different strain, but no;
  • oh yeah, and Nathan getting his ass shot off when trying to go public with his power, after having been (wisely) totally against it last season

Overall, I'd give these 11 episodes a collective grade of C-. It wasn't good storytelling, much less HEROES-caliber, and deserves to be "the forgotten season" that most shows find cropping up much later in their runs. I hope Tim K and the gang get it together better for Chapter 3 or it'll be sayonara.

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