Friday, December 14, 2007

Grading the Comics 12/12/07

Hey everyone-
Read up on my stuff for this week and... let's get to it.

  • Booster Gold #5- Can you really change history? Booster gets a hard lesson in what's immutable and what isn't when he's called on to save Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) from being paralyzed by the Joker. A
  • Boys #13- Wee Hughie, last man standing? Continuing their adventure in Moscow, the picture starts to come into focus... and that last splash page is a riot. B+
  • Countdown to Final Crisis #20- Jimmy Olsen returns as Turtle Boy, Mary Marvel loses a friend, Pied Piper is talking to himself (sort of) and Brother Eye relocates. Meh. C+
  • Gen 13 #15- the kids are scattered and finding new lives for themselves in NYC... so why isn't Caitlin happy? Interesting. B+
  • Green Lantern #25- a blowout ending to the Sinestro Corps War, this had a payoff better than any other crossover of recent times. Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis did it right and earn the highest grade of the week (heck, probably of the season). A+
  • Green Lantern Corps #19- epilogue to the Sinestro Corps War, not sure it really advanced the story much but has a few nice bits and pieces. B
  • Salvation Run #2- Psimon attempts to organize the castaways into a functional unit and gets Jokerized for his trouble, then Lex Luthor shows up to do the job right--as well as give these demoralized villains a goal: return to Earth for revenge! Fun but ultimately, wouldn't we see them come back eventually anyway? B
  • StormWatch Armageddon #1- John Doran's up for a future jaunt this time around, courtesy of Void. The future is a mess, folks. Interesting stuff, and a very interesting comparison of Jackson King with a bygone supervillain. B+
  • Ultimate Iron Man II #1- Orson Scott Card takes young Tony and Jim Rhodes off on a new adventure, this time putting the "robot" built by Stark Enterprises through its paces in a real-world setting. Doesn't get more real world than this... and Obadiah Stane's just causing more trouble with the proto-Mole Man on his side. Good story, good art. B
  • Walking Dead #45- um, okay, I read it real fast but want to go back and read it again. There's something going on and I want to be sure I got it.
  • Wonder Woman #15- started reading it but haven't finished yet.

Okay, so I didn't read EVERYTHING... look for me to post an update where I talk about Wonder Woman and Walking Dead.

No D's this week and only one C... not bad!


Gyuss Baaltar said...

Is UI Moleman the same moleman from the ultimate fantastic four?

Drew said...

I'm pretty sure he is. The series is set several years ago, and Molekevic (in UFF) is described as having been brilliant before (cue the music) "something happened." This series could well unveil that something.