Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One Goodbye and One Hello

Saying Goodbye is Never Fun but Sometimes There's No Choice

A friend of mine was fired from his job in November. Considering how hard he worked at making the business a success, this was little short of stunning. I won't go into the identities and causes of this situation--some of you reading the blog already know them, and to be extremely fair this is only one side of the story--but it leads me to talk about departures and fresh beginnings.

I've cut ties with a local store where I did a lot of business. That's the outcome, and it's been in the works for about a month. I did this because 1) I owe my friend loyalty; 2) I don't want to support business practices that I am led to believe are not honorable; 3) I can do business elsewhere much more easily than I can replace good friends. Number 3 is sort of a subset of number 1, but you see where I'm going.

That's the departure side. The fresh beginning side? A bunch of us are going to a new place. We look forward to socializing just as we always have, realizing that we may have lost a few of our gang along the way, but figure it's a chance to ring in 2008 with something new and different and exciting.

This was written in early December but represents my hopes for a happy 2008. Here's hoping!


Jon Hex said...

The first time at Fantom was not without little hiccups, but it makes me hopeful for the future. Matt, the manager I believe, says the store has little outings sometimes they may rotate between stores now that there are subscribers at Union Station. Missed you, Kat & Sherin, though.

Drew said...

Hey Jon! Happy New Year and good hearing from you. We'll be there tomorrow (or plan to be) and look forward to being customers at the new store.
all best