Friday, December 7, 2007

Marc Guggenheim: The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Kat and I had the pleasure of interviewing Marc Guggenheim (affectionately known in our circle of comic fans as "The Goog") for BPD a couple of months ago (said interview went live on the site Monday). Terrific guy with an extremely diverse writing career-- I'm nearly as jealous of him as I am of Seth Green.

Anyway, check out the interview. Kat took lead on this and did a great job; she's got a knack for interviewing. We talk Resurrection, his new creator-owned series from Oni Press, as well as his stints on Blade, Wolverine and The Flash; we also touch on his upcoming series Eli Stone.

We're wishing Marc all the best; Hollywood writers are dealing with a strike over unfair compensatory practices and he's in the middle of it all. But he's a good guy and we know he'll be okay.

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