Monday, December 10, 2007

Odds and Ends

Got very little sleep this weekend. I stayed up till about 3am reading STAR WARS: LEGACY OF THE FORCE- FURY by Aaron Alston without really meaning to, then was up very late helping Kat look for a missing item. Sort of groggy today.

The TV strike has me at odds with myself. On the one hand, I like knowing that I have lots of free time now. Liberation from the tyranny of the glowing box hasn't happened from within, so maybe freedom is at hand. On the other hand, I'm already missing the stuff I like to watch.

Now reading VICIOUS CIRCLE by Mike Carey, courtesy of Kat's and my good friend Sherin Nicole. Really good follow up to THE DEVIL YOU KNOW, featuring Felix Castor, exorcist. I'll be reviewing it for SFRevu, even though John Berlyne has already done a magnificent review of the British release (I think it came out there last year-- lucky Brits!).

My Xbox 360 went down a week ago Saturday. It must be a fairly common problem--it's the dreaded "three flashing red lights" around the on/off button, which supposedly indicates a hardware failure. After calling customer service, I struggled with removing the hard drive, only to have Kat succeed when she pushed the button and I wrenched the stubborn part loose. Teamwork!

Then I packed up the console, labeled it and took it all the way into DC to send back via UPS. With luck, I'll have my Xbox back sometime in the new year. (this is me not being very happy)

Got lots of Christmas cards to send out this week. If you're reading this, you're probably on the list to get one. If not, comment below with an address and maybe we (Kat and I) will send you one.

and that's it for now!


Liam Gray said...

When I saw your avatar was The Question I decided, right then and there, that I was going to leave you a comment. I’ve always found the character interesting, but after sifting through your blogs I found it hard finding a place to get onboard, so here I am, just saying what I think...


I’m also a writer and after this last week I know how hard it can be getting started, but more importantly – getting something RIGHT.

I wish you the best with your Novel.
Always follow your dreams,

I will not live in fear said...

That last comment was mine. I'm still mastering blogspot. ;)

Drew said...

Liam, thanks for the comments and for the support!
Blogs can be notoriously tricky places to search and leave comments.
If you like The Question, I can recommend, as well as, where there's an Ask the Question column. (It's all tongue in cheek but it's fun.)
Let me know if you do a blog-- I'd be glad to link to it!
all best,