Friday, January 4, 2008

2007 Look Back (Reviews)

2007 was a pretty great year in some ways.
I'm looking over the books I reviewed and feel lucky-- I got to read and write about an awful lot of things that entertained me. Hopefully, a positive review gives something back to the writer in two ways: a boost in sales and a bit of ego gratification for the hard and lonely work that is writing.
And so...
Most Exciting Happening
The relaunch of Wild Cards as an ongoing series. I love the books and am glad to see that there will be a trilogy from TOR, kicking off this month with INSIDE STRAIGHT. (My review of this one is up now.)
Latest Book Across the Finish Line
Not an accomplishment by any means, but I have yet to complete my review of Dennis L. McKiernan's ONCE UPON A DREADFUL TIME. This is no slight to Mr. McKiernan (whom I interviewed and found to be a terrific conversationalist as well as an entertaining writer); it's just that I have the attention span of a fruitfly and was besieged by tons of great books. I hope I can do right by Mr. McK before the paperback comes out!
Friendliest Writers
Boy, there were a LOT of them this year, many found at the World Fantasy Convention this past November.
My short (alphabetized) list for folks I really loved meeting and/or talking with:

  • Holly Black (a terrific person and great writer-- WSFA hosted Holly and two others for dinner after the National Book Festival in September; Kat and I had a great night!)
  • Cassandra Clare (CITY OF BONES)
  • Sara Beth Durst (INTO THE WILD-- don't confuse it with the movie)
  • Christopher Golden (whose THE BORDERKIND was second-latest this year *sigh*)
  • Charlaine Harris (incredibly gracious lady and amazingly generous with her time; I'm loving her Harper Connolly mysteries!)
  • John Levitt (didn't meet him in person but got a nice email about his debut novel DOG DAYS)
  • Jeff Mariotte (an old buddy from my long-ago WildStorm days, glad to see he's doing well and looking great, as is his fantastic wife MaryElizabeth Hart)
  • George R.R. Martin (enthusiastic about Wild Cards, fun to talk to, all-around pleasure to meet)
  • Kim Newman (read his ANNO DRACULA stuff- it's great!)
  • Tom Sniegoski (a truly nice guy, met him at San Diego Comic-Con and said hi at WFC- read OWLBOY!)
  • Melinda Snodgrass (see GRRM above, 'cause it applies to her too; she's great)
  • Harry Turtledove (got to ask him about his latest/possibly last "South Wins the Civil War" alternate history series--very dry sense of humor!)
  • F. Paul Wilson (got to say hi at WFC)
  • Gene Wolfe (who is really one of the nicest legends in the SF world)

Biggest Regret
That I didn't finish a novel this year as I'd intended. Then again, that's been my ongoing regret since I started writing professionally in 1986, so there's nothing new there.

New Year's Resolutions
Yeah, like you want to know what I'll try to do and give up sometime in January or February... ;)
But seriously- lose weight and finish a novel. One is more likely than the other but if anyone wants to start a gambling pool on which will actually happen...

And that's it. I might have more to post on this later, views on movies and pop culture and stuff. till then...

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