Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shout Out for Google Analytics (again)

Y'know, I absolutely love knowing where you readers are coming from. Did you know I had three visits from Russian readers? That is awesome! Welcome to the DR!
Here's a few numbers to throw out there...

  • Canada- 29 visits
  • UK- 28
  • Germany- 24
  • Australia- 12
  • Sweden- 6
  • France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy- 5
  • Russia, Brazil, Philippines, New Zealand, Finland- 3
  • Romania, Bulgaria, Argentina- 2
  • Portugal, Greece, India, Egypt, Indonesia- 1

I think this is just incredible, and very humbling. Mine is one blog out of many millions--and I'm glad that I've had people visit from all over the world.

Thanks! I hope you've enjoyed what you read here and will come back soon.

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