Monday, January 14, 2008

New Chocolate Restaurant: A+

Kat and I went to the new Artfully Chocolate Kingsbury Confections restaurant on 14th St yesterday. It was packed when we got in but managed to find a place, then went crazy ordering hot chocolate.
Except this is not your father's hot chocolate--not even if your dad mixes in a little booze for those extra-cold winter nights. No, this place has chocolate-based drinks Starbucks wishes it had.
I ordered the Charo, which is a caramel-based semi-sweet chocolate drink that had Kat swooning; she ordered the Liz (semi-sweet with lavender), which she felt was a shade too delicate for her. Next time, I'll order the Judy (milk chocolate with hazelnut) and she'll order the Charo.
We also sampled the bread pudding, which was really good.
The restaurant is associated with Kingsbury of Old Town Alexandria, a place ideal for Valentine shoppers, so you can find a huge assortment of confections to satisfy your palate.
If you happen to be around 14th anytime soon, drop in. Your diet won't love you but your taste buds will.

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