Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hey everyone!
Seems like I've been offline awhile but I've been plenty busy... and there are posts to come explaning all of it, believe me.
First, a short update: I'm fine. The kidney stone issue appears to have been resolved (for now), though I'd like my doctor to confirm that. I'm drinking more water and trying to cut down on caffeine and dairy, both of which are not good for that particular affliction.
Second, had a fantastic time seeing my aunt and uncle out in Colorado last Thursday. We don't get to visit nearly often enough, and I even learned a good deal about my dad's early years-- stuff I'd never heard before. Gonna have to post about that.
Third, the kittens have gotten BIG! Kat and I need to post new pictures. Chrissy is still skinny, Janet is still a tank, but they're full-sized now and I probably shouldn't call them kittens any more.
Last, still working on my novel. Sherin and I are committed to a six-month program to get our first novels done, which is eminently doable. We just need to stick to it.
Hope all's great! So comment and let me hear how you're doing!


Sleigh said...

Drew --

Ugh! Kidney stones! I've had four or five of those over the years, and they were definitely the worst pain I'd ever experienced. Sorry to hear you're similarly afflicted, but glad to know things are better.

Drink lots of water!

Drew said...

Thanks, Stephen! I appreciate the sentiment greatly. Rarely have I been in any greater pain than with kidney stones (though an inner ear infection as a kid comes mighty close).
Hope you'll read this comment; I'm reading MAGIC OF TWILIGHT and assembling bits of review in my head. Words like "sophisticated," "complexity" and "lavish" are figuring heavily so far.
Last, the INSIDE STRAIGHT review is doing *extremely* well on SFRevu, with about 800 hits to date (which is good for about three weeks).
all best!