Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stuff I Liked (Random)

Short post on Stuff I Liked 2007:

  • PUSHING DAISIES- absolutely my favorite new show of the year. Incredible cast, excellent storytelling, quirky plots, this one has it all. I hope we'll eventually see the full season, especially since this left off with a very revealing, um, reveal.
  • SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON- first time visiting the big show (known uncharitably among insiders and snobs as "geek prom") in about 11 years, it's vastly bigger than I remember. The convention is dominated by the presence of Hollywood just up the road, with more multimedia than you could see if you were the Multiple Man (hey, a comic reference!). Kat loved it and we owe a huge debt of thanks to John Nee for making it possible. (A close runner up: Baltimore Comicon)
  • BUGLES PLANET DAILY- our funky little joke blog, it's been a lot of fun writing posts for it over the past several months. It's fallen dormant for the moment but it's only temporary.

I have a few more but... gotta run! Back soon with more.

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